What Is SEO And How Can It Help My Website?

SEO is a term you may have seen about the place and referred to on internet marketing forums. It stands for Search engine optimization and is a specialist field. Some people are good at implementing SEO and others are not. The goal posts for search engine optimization are changing all the time and marketers are always finding new ways in which to utilize SEO techniques in order to improve their search engine rankings.

So, what is SEO?

SEO is the process of implementing techniques that will have an effect of your organic search engine rankings. This will result in more targeted traffic to your websites which in turn will result in an increased number of sales or income from your websites.

What is OnPage SEO?

OnPage SEO is basically a term used for tangible changes made to your website. This usually directly relates to content on your website as well as hidden changes within your source code such as alt tags and title tags. Search engines such as Google will then visit your website and will notice those changes which will potentially change the outcome of your rankings.

What is OffPage SEO?

OffPage SEO is also known as link building. It is where you strategically place backlinks on other websites and web properties which link back to your website. This acts as a kind of vote and over time helps to increase your rankings. OffPage SEO is essential and is something that you really need to implement if you are serious about learning a living online.

Building links though can be a long, tedious task and can take a lot of your time up. It is also important to get different types of backlinks pointing to your websites. These links need to be from a diverse range of sites rather than just one website. The search engines need to see that other independent sites are linking to your website.

The best backlinks you can obtain are from agreed websites that have authority in the eyes of Google. If other websites are also linking to these authority websites then that will pass on extra weight to your website which will likely result in your website being pushed up in the rankings increasing your online presence.

Google looks for natural patterns. A kind of natural infrastructure that occurs when website link to other websites because of the useful content that they have, and also want to share that content with their own visitors.

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