Weapons Defense For Women – Considering Everyday Objects

Weapons defense for women does not necessarily mean you have to carry pepper spray or pack a pistol. You have access to many everyday objects that can be used in a pinch with devastating effectiveness.

There are many advantages to using everyday objects as weapons.
They are easily accessible. This is important when most attacks are completed in seconds.

Everyday objects are nonthreatening. The attacker is more likely to be taken off-guard by your use of a ballpoint pen as opposed to a knife.

You may not comfortable with carrying traditional weapons such as pepper spray or a gun, but you probably would not think twice about carrying a couple ounces of cologne in a spray vial.

Unlike guns, no laws restrict your ability to carry a ballpoint pen or keys.

As any prison guard will tell you, with creativity and imagination near everything can be turned into a weapon.

In the event of attack, you want something you can use quickly and effectively.

Since you will not have time to rummage through your pocketbook, make it a practice to hold something in your hand that you can use to defend yourself.

Perfume or cologne in a spray vial can be used like pepper spray. Aim it at your attacker's eyes. Then use the precious seconds to run.

Hot liquids thrown at your attacker's face such as coffee and tea work well, too.

Keys can be used to scratch a face, poke out an eye or be stuffed into the soft tissue of his throat.

Throwing a coin away from you will distract your attacker for the few seconds you need for escape.

Lastly, a ballpoint pen can be jammed into his throat, groin, eyes with devastating impact.

Source by Liza Cooper

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