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I had decided that I wanted to buy a medium-size worktop toaster oven, primarily I was more interested in the oven element as opposed to its ability to toast. The thing that really appeals to me about the Internet is it gives you the ability to do a huge amount of research into anything that you are thinking of buying and opens up a whole host of information ranging from discount sites where you can buy what you are looking for, to true customer reviews of the product from people who have actually bought and used the product.

One of the problems is that because there is a whole plethora of information it can be very time consuming and there is no real way to shortcut the whole process. Once I actually started doing the research I found that it is very easy to go off on a tangent and start looking at other things that are not really related to what you are trying to investigate however, having overcome that obstacle and focusing my concentration I quickly came to some conclusions.

My initial budget was roundabout $ 250 and during my search I had found a number of reviews of the The Cuisinart TOB 195 toaster oven and it quickly became the focus of my attention. I looked at the Amazon site and found, to my surprise, that they were offering this item for sale $ 138 which represented a 58% discount on the usual price.

This was just too good an offer to miss so I quickly had a scan through any comments I could find about the oven and then went ahead and purchased it. What surprised me was that this oven was actually being sold on Amazon as a used item for $ 136 dollars whereas it was possible to buy it at $ 138 brand new, I know, do not ask me!

I have used Amazon for many years now and enjoy buying from their site not only for the quality of products and the actual delivery but also from the fact that you are able to track your delivery through their site and we all know that you can buy from them in complete confidence.

I've been using the oven now for over six months and I am delitted with its performance, it does, as they say, "do what it says on the box". I tend to have very a varied home routine so meal planning is not really one of my strong points so I am particularly pleased that the oven is capable of reaching optimum temperature in less than four minutes, this means that I can slip in a pizza without having to wait ages, and although a worktop oven it can take a 12 inch pizza, which suits my lifestyle and tastes perfectly !!.

The only two niggles I found with this product is that it does not have an inside light and dependent upon where you place it in the kitchen you may find it difficult to see into the oven, I can not, for the life of me, figure out what the manufacturers were thinking of in not putting an inside light in. The other thing that I find is that the removable crumb tray is accessed from the back of the oven, this means that you have to pull the oven away from the wall to remove it. It's no great hassle as it means I use the opportunity to clean the work surface underneath it but, it can at times, be a bit of a pain.

The pan that is supplied with the oven is a good sturdy strong one and has a slightly concave center, which is a great idea as it allows any juices to runaway however, as you have to tilt the pan slightly to get it into the oven you have to be careful that you do not slop any juices over the side.

The Cuisinart TOB 195 toaster oven comes with a very comprehensive manual which includes a number of really good recipes for you to try. All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase of this oven, its sleek stainless steel finish gives it the air of a piece of professional kitchen equipment and, of course, the Cuisinart brand is a well-respected one which, when combined with the Amazon site makes the whole package very attractive, even more so this excellent discounted price.

I should go and snap one up at this price!

Source by Stuart Gilbert

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