VAPE.NEWS: Secret Weapon Against Forgetting

Today, we simply can not remember everything no matter how hard we try. We must gather information from every possible source (internet, TV, radio, newspapers …) to improve ourselves and our knowledge, but at one point it becomes too much. And at that point we have to decide that we need help.

Some people remember things better than others, and that is known fact. But at the same time we all have memory limits, or to say it in another way, we can store limited amount of information in our memory.

That's where this easy, simple and often overlooked technique comes into play – note taking. Just like I'm sure most of you had heard of it before, I'm sure that most of you do not use it. Let's take a deer look at it and point out some positive sides.

So why is note taking so special? Sole nature of note taking is perfect for everyone. It's rather simple to use. All you need is paper and pen, or even notebook. It does not really matter – result is the same. What we write can not disappear. It stays on paper forever without we destroy or delete it. And third, but not less important – we can always have notes close to us whenever we need them. It's always useful to have access to information.

Beside, our brain is usually under heavy stress, especially today when everything is happening so fast. Note taking helps us relax our brain. We do not have to remember everything, we can write something on the paper knowing that it will be there for us for a long time. That's why notes are perfect and that's why I'm using them! There are numerous examples of successful people using this method, on purpose or naturally. Effect is the same – they made it easier for their brain and memory to focus on other important segments of their lives.

To sum it up, notes are very important because they are timeless – once written they keep our information forever. So you have to use it for your advantage! Start taking notes right now of your tasks, activities, meetings … You will not regret it!

Source by Colin Noll

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