VAPE.NEWS: Quit Smoking Tips

Stay away from where tobacco products are sold! Okay, that's flippant but it can help. If it's unavoidable and in a lot of cases it is, I know, just ignore any display there may be. Look anywhere except where they are. It can be done because I have done it.

Okay then, we are fighting a battle here and you will win. Straight off it starts at home. Warn anyone who lives there. If it is not already, declare home a non smoking zone. (Hey, I'm a poet already). If necessary, clean all surfaces and shampoo carpet. (You will not believe how yellow your rinse water will be). Get drapes and any clothing washed and / or dry-cleaned.

While you are at it, the car is probably in need of a scrub as well. Then you can congratulate yourself for … being very clean. Okay, I jest but if you also managed to not smoke during this time, well done, because your lungs and the rest of your body are also undergoing a spring clean.

It may take a little longer but the only work required here is not to bother smoking. Clean house, car, body on the mend and now you require more quit smoking tips I hear you cry to keep this awesome progress. Try to avoid social situations where temptation will be around. (You will find later that you will not want to be a passive smoker anyway).

First thing in the morning and last thing at night tell yourself in the mirror that you are not smoking, period. While you are about it, remind yourself that it is not sexy to smoke and it is a turn off to the opposite sex! DO NOT accept any cigs offered to you. Politely but firmly say NO (thank you).

If you have a young family you will be affording them one of the largest lessons of their lives, for life. I hope this small article has helped or at the very least whented your appetite.

Source by Daton Caedea

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