VAPE.News: Menstruation is Not a All-natural Event

The writer has browse past publications on this subject matter for many a long time and as recent as this calendar year in on the net content articles. This is one of the most commonly acknowledged, typically recurring assumptions in our society, just as we want to consume meat, and cook our food items.This will be talked over in later content articles and it will be tied in to this matter. The proof will be introduced that the fore outlined title is a bloody lie, no pun supposed, just to enslave females. The content articles will be introduced in “The Wonderful Law revisited”.

Dr. Herbert Blackschleger wrote in his startling guide, Conceal and concurred with other fantastic thinkers of the past this sort of as Johan G. Fichte (1762-1814). The agenda of our society “is to wipe out absolutely free will, that as soon as pupils leave school they will be incapable by way of out their a long time of thinking or acting otherwise as their school masters would have wished.” Eating plan, injections and inoculations will put together from a quite early age, to deliver the type of character and belief that the authorities thought of appealing”. Dr. Herbert Blackschleger knew the ‘educated and enlighten’ truly, are to a fantastic extent, brain washed and hypnotized. In the guide Conceal, he states, “In present day period of so-termed ‘freedom’ more men and women are living beneath physical, tranquilized, and lobotomized slavery than ever ahead of in historical past.” If you unfastened as well considerably blood and simply cannot get a transfusion, you die. Blood is our lifestyle drive. Nocturnal emissions are the very same as menstruation loss. Skilled boxers are instructed by their trainers in no way have relations for the duration of education and ahead of a combat. It weakens you and depletes your reserves.

Instruction is a tricky misnomer. The universities are not intended to teach but to domesticate. We go on to consider the buzz from mass media. Now allow us slash to the chase. Menstruation is unnatural. If it is purely natural, why are there solutions on the marketplace begging for your bucks to end it? Menstruation in females corresponds to seminal emissions in men. It is claimed that there was a time in the distant past when menstruation was not known amongst females. When it did arise, it was regarded as a condition, demanding isolation. Primitive races these days however regard the menstruating as suffering from condition. The females are isolated in a distinctive constructing to recuperate for the duration of this period.

Why does modern day society have this condition? We have the Physician in our human body. Shakespeare has composed, “What a piece of get the job done is gentleman!” The reality of the issue, a medical professional has no therapeutic powers when it will come to therapeutic the human body. We consider the authorities that it is a purely natural occurrence.

With experiments of nocturnal emissions in men, realizing it to be common is seriously unnatural and can be abolished by way of a low protein diet program. The problem occurs whether the very same may well not be the situation with menstruation in females. Scientific tests have revealed that for the duration of the first Entire world War, when food items provide in Central Europe was quite limited and when the complete inhabitants lived on a low protein diet program containing quite little meat or other animal proteins, a significant quantity of females quickly stopped menstruating.

There have been a significant quantity of scenarios recorded in health care literature of females living to outdated age without the need of menstruating when, and have raised significant households. This disproves the strategy that menstruation is vital for wellness or bearing youngsters. Dr. Energy writes in his Essays on the Woman Economic system, “Had been females living in a condition of nature there is no reason but that this discharge may be not known.” Havelock Ellis, in his “Man and Girls” offers one writer who promises that beneath purely natural conditions of living, a nutritious females will in no way menstruate.”

Wild animals in nature do not go by way of that process, but when domesticated and overfed, and as a consequence are more than stimulated sexually, will menstruate at typical periods. The experiments of Dr. Alexander
Haig, Professor Arnold Ehret, Dr. Havelock Ellis, and Professor Evens of the University of California, concur with their experiments on the outcome of a low protein (meatless) diet program in decreasing and abolishing the menstrual hemorrhages.

The low protein diet program by yourself was not the trigger, but the separation of the sexes, with ensuing avoidance of uterine congestion in females ensuing from sexual stimulation. Considering that the men were away on the entrance, and after returning and at the near of the war, menstruation in females promptly reappeared. Eating plan and sex lifestyle of the females has considerably to do with this challenge. We glance at the fact that nuns and females who live in chastity have quite quick and scanty menstruation periods, lasting no more time than a working day or more whereas the prostitutes have a very long continued and profuse menstruation frequently lasting for two weeks or more.

Please bear this fact: nutritional techniques for decreasing and abolishing menstruation having a low protein meatless diet program to decrease the uterine blood pressure and movement and stopping hyperemia (an excessive of blood) in this organ. Being intimate with a companion creating sexual excitation will increase the menstrual inclination. Menstruation is a loss of woman sex hormones, which are the supply of woman youth, attractiveness, wellness and longevity. With chastity in play the loss of sex hormone is secure as on the male. The sex hormone is employed for other better accomplishments to arise, this sort of as inventions, tips, and mathematical miracles. With a low protein meatless diet program, your thoughts is light-weight, your ideas are distinct your sight is better the senses are considerably more robust. The Fountain of Youth is in just, and this is termed The Golden Oil. You regenerate the human body with the loss of sex hormones for males by way of voluntary or involuntary seminal emissions.

The key of woman regeneration is to stay clear of the loss of woman sex hormones by way of genital mucous discharges or hemorrhages. The masters of a long time past this sort of as Pythagorean advocated continence as a exercise of utmost physiological price each to human body and brain, for he thought of the semen as “the flower of the purest blood,” Menstruation loss in females is the very same in price as semen loss in the male.

Pythagorean taught that there was a immediate link amongst the semen and the brain and that loss of semen weakens the brain, even though its conservation improves the nourishment in the brain, due to the fact the substances thus conserved act as brain vitamins. The father of drugs, Hippocrates wrote about its outcome on the spinal cord. Aristotle wrote about semen getting the most critical component of our food items.

On a recent, “Muscle and Health and fitness” magazine, a human body builder in on the deal with with a stake in one hand raised higher and a reducing knife on sliced stakes on a desk expressing “Eat like a Man! On a “News Week” magazine deal with tale with the headline “The Fantasy of Exercise in Getting rid of Excess weight” This is all buzz for the purchaser to consider in one thing that will deliver funds into the company entire world. Advertisers explain to the health care entire world this is what the general public want. When the general public gets ill from the meat, chemical laden food items, then they want to choose or be recommended these medicine to get rid of their illnesses. The media is advocating the general public to break The Wonderful Law. The Wonderful Law is regarded by a handful of enlighten men and women. There are societies and cultures who do not get the disorders of modern day society. These societies are living in their have purely natural condition of existence, and adhering to The Wonderful Law as it is taught.

On our subsequent installment we will focus on the dangers of meat, chemically laden food items, and dairy solutions on the human body. Also, “cook not from the fire,” says The Essene Gospel Of Peace.

Resource by C. Manuel Grace

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