VAPE.NEWS: Kids Bed Cars Are Safe For Sleeping and Play

Kids bed cars are a wonderful option for little children who have grown out of their cribs. These race car beds look wonderful, but are looks all there is to them? Make sure you purchase a safe bed for your kid.

Race car beds often are made of heavy duty plastic, which contains good tensile strength. Low temperatures do not cause cracks in this material. Therefore, this durable kids bed car would be able to stand up to your child's rough play since many beds become a kid's castle, tent and yes, trampoline. The bed's rounded edges also keep your child safe.

Race car beds have different means to support a mattress as well as provide comfort and safety. A bed will either contain wooden planks or springs for a mattress to rest on. Because these beds vary in construction, you must choose which support system would provide the greatest deal of durability to your child. Many seem to favor the wood because it appears to have a lower chance of breaking under stress.

Kids bed cars come in a variety of sizes, including toddler, twin and full. Your child's age, weight and preference come in to play when you are choosing a size. If you plan on your kid only staying in the bed for a couple years, then a toddler size is most appropriate. However, if you think your child will favor the bed for many years, opt for a twin or full size since it will grow with your kid.

Don't think that race car beds are only for boys. Little ladies who are car lovers are not to be forgotten. Little Tikes produces a pink sports car bed just for girls.

Source by Terez Howard

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