VAPE.NEWS: Is Your Philip Stein Teslar a Fake? How Can You Tell the Difference?

With all the "buzz" going on about Philip Stein Teslar Watches it is no wonder the sharks have started circling.

How can anyone resist?

Not only are these Teslar watches the greatest looking watch on the planet, they also have a Teslar chip embedded in them to create a harmonic energy field around the wearer, which promotes a deeper, better sleep, stress reduction and a higher energy level and focus . Basically making the owner more productive and yet more relaxed.

When something is proven to be so popular there often is a dark side. The counterfeits!

This is how you can be protected from these unscrupulous operators?

We have put together a guide you can follow to be sure of what you are buying.

– The two chips on the back of the watch should look bright and shiny with lines on them and have "quantum Technology" written on them, as opposed to the copies which usually just have a bit of copper in place of the real thing. But if you had never seen the real thing, how would you know?

– Philip Stein does NOT put "Water Resistant" on the face of the watch. They put it on the back. The counterfeiters put it in the face of the watch.

– The watch glass will have a slight blue shade to it. The Philip Stein glass is not exactly clear because it is made of a high quality glass or sapphire crystal. If it is perfectly clear then it is likely to be plastic, or at best a poor quality glass.

– Check that there is a serial number on the back. Then also check that the numbers match the numbers on the papers that come with it. Even then you may not be able to be certain, so if in any doubt call the Philip Stein company customer service line and check it out. Give them the serial number you have from the watch and they will tell you if it is legitimate.

– Check that the band is interchangeable with a clasp on the back, NOT PINS. This is a great feature of the watch allowing the strap to be easily changed to suite the look you want for the occasion. These can be in a casual, sporty or a "dressed to kill" look. The fakes usually have a cheap strap with pins.

The ongoing problem is that the counterfeiters are getting smarter, and may in the near future pick up on their mistakes. Counterfeiting is a lucrative business and they will do whatever they need to do to sell their fakes.

Some people are happy to knowingly buy a fake for a few dollars while on holiday somewhere like Malaysia or Thailand. These people only encourage the counterfeiters and make it hard to stop them.

There is really only one sure way to be certain you are buying the real thing. Do not buy from a stall at a market, or from a guy in a dark alley who opens his coat to show you his wares. I guess that's pretty obvious is not it?

If you want the "Real McCoy" Philip Stein Teslar Watch, then buy it from an authorized dealer such as Amazon.

Source by Paul S Dawson

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