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We know that mother nature has given us all the things we need, ie, food, cloth and shelter. Our ancestors were also completely dependent on nature. They cave complete respect to nature. They take how much they need and what they need.

But as the civilization progress, the greed's of human also cherishes. As the population increases, more destruction was done to nature. They started to cut trees for land and farming, killing animals so that they can capture the place where animal live, etc. But the thing was in limit.

As the industrialization and globalization trend came, more harmful destruction is done. Now for setting industries the land is required, so forest were cut. For connecting one city to other city, mountains were drilled so as to make roads and railways. Also dams were made to generate ever increasing need of electricity. This all caused heavy load on the heart of mother nature.

The main destruction caused by nature is Global Warming. Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth's near-surface air and oceans since the mid-20th century and its projected continuation. Due to Global warming the glaciers will melt and the level of sea water increase. If it continues, then one day whole earth will be sink.

Now we had done so much damage to nature, now its our responsibility to prevent damage to nature. We all can follow some simple but effective measures, which is as follows: –

1. Plant more and more trees.
2. Switch off lights when not needed.
3. Use CFL instead of bulbs.
4. Use public transport more and more.
5. Use cycle for traveling near distance.
6. Encourage car pool.
7. Use solar energy and wind energy for household purpose.

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Source by Aryan Swatz

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