VAPE.NEWS: Five Ways to Think of New Topics For Your Blog

So, you've been blogging for a while and the flow of ideas has started to dry up. How can you come up with some new topics for your blog and, more importantly, make them ideas which will attract the search engines and more visitors?

When you start up a blog, the first tendency is to write all about subjects that you are interested in. Whilst that is the right thing to do in the main, successful blog owners soon realize that it's the interests of their visitors that really make the difference. It's what will make them keep coming back.

So, here are five ways you can come up with new ideas to write about on your blog and, more importantly, create posts that the search engines will love and others will want to read!

1. What's in the News?

The search engines love fresh up-to-date content so using anything that's in the news as a basis for your post will immediately grab attention. Using something which is in the news can save you a lot of time on research as the journalists will have done it for you. Do not repost or copy what's already written; put your own style into it and make it relevant to your blog.

Sometimes it can be a great idea to take a completely unrelated but hot news item and create post which uses it as a theme.

2. Look at What Others Are Doing.

You should know which are the top blogs in your niche and always be aware of what they're posting about.

Often, there will be a 'trend' where several people are covering the same topic. You can use this as the basis for your own posts.

Sometimes, reading a post on another blog will spark an idea for a great post on your site.

And one great way is to see which posts on your competitors' sites are getting the most comments as this shows a 'hot topic' which you should be posting about too.

3. Review Your Analytics

How are your visitors finding you? What keyword phrases are they using on the search engines?

By knowing why people are coming to your site, you can spot trends; which keywords or topics are bringing in the most visitors? If you know this, you can create relevant posts to draw them in.

4. Review the Search Engine Analytics

Smart blog owners do their research into what are the hottest search terms being used in their niche. If you know what are the hottest topics of the day, you can easily put up posts to meet that demand. It's a great way to make sure your blog is always seen as being 'on the ball'.

5. Ask!

You no doubt visit forums related to your niches so why not ask folks what they like to read about; what interests them; what problems are they facing; what products are they buying and so on. All these will give you great ammunition for your writing.

Do not think you need to do this in a secretive way. You'd be amazed at how helpful people are if you just tell folks in a forum that you're looking for topics to write about and ask them for suggestions. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how many suggestions you'll get!

So, take these five simple ways to generate ideas for your blog posts and apply them today. You'll be well on your way to having a winning blog and if your long term aim is to monetize it, having great content can only lead to great profits!

Source by Steve Boyle

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