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Getting repeat business from a customer is the most critical aspect of your business not only because it is more profitable but also since it sustains an ongoing relationship and fosters goodwill. From the time you sign the contract with the customer, you need to set the ball rolling by giving the customer something that he would feel good about, while entering into a business association with you.

So you can hand over a nice stylish pen which is distinct and of high quality which the customer will always remember. You must be aware that the first business gift is always memorable and has a special place in the heart of the recipient. This gift of the pen when imprinted with your company name and contact numbers will make sure that the logo is fresh in the mind of the customer and can be the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship.

You can maintain contact with your customers through the year with nice business gifts bearing your company brand symbol. So even something modest such as a planner with an inbuilt calendar, a tiny pocket calendar planner or a wall calendar will all serve as very effective products Lending great visibility to your brand everyday. Small points like remembering the birthday of your customer and sending him a business card holder on that particular date will create a very positive impression about you and the company. The choices are many from a mobile cradle to stress balls and while these items are not very expensive, they project your organization in very good light.

You must not forget to treat your premium customers with better quality and costlier business gifts as they are the main contributors to your success. Gifts like quality quality wall clocks and combo sets are some of the items which are always well received and will do wonders to your current relationship with the customer. They will always keep you in mind and will not shift business without discussing with you about any problem or issue they may be facing. Your competition will then find it difficult to break in and you will make regular and rapid progress in your business dealings with such customers.

Giving these types of branded products are valuable tools to establish and cement relationships. They effectively implement the dual purpose of brand recall and creating a good impression with customers and need to be perceived as investments. It is not always the cost of the product but the timing and the quality, besides the manner in which they are presented which delivers the cutting edge to a business relationship.

Source by Simon Stringer

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