VAPE.NEWS: Body Language Secrets to Look Incredibly Powerful

One of the greatest benefits of being in great shape is that people tend to see you as "higher status." People who are higher status tend to get what they want out of life easier and have more influence.

Fortunately, you do not have to be a bodybuilder, spending 5 hours a day in the gym working out, drinking lots of protein shakes in order to build a ton of muscle to intimidate people and try to boost your status.

Instead, you need to just learn a few simple body language secrets and everyone will begin to treat you with a lot more respect and admiration.

Step One: Roll Your Shoulder Back

Most people are completely slumped over, with their arms covering themselves and looking insecure. You want to avoid this as much as possible. If you look at most of the confident people you know, you'll see that they all have "open" posture. Although it makes them more vulnerable, it also communicates that they are confident enough that they can handle anything.

To look more open, you simply need to roll your shoulders back and lift your chest. To see if you are doing this correctly, take two pens, one in either hand. Now stand the way you normally would. Your pens should be pointing straight forward. If not, roll your shoulders back until they are.

Step Two: Stack It Up

Think of the human body as composed of three big masses: the head, the chest, and the hips. You look most powerful when these three masses are stacked up on top of each other. Reaching, bending over, and slouching all disrupt this pattern. Stand tall and proud, and when you need to grab something, walk over to it rather than reaching.

Step Three: Lead With the Hips

There's one time when you do not want to be as "stacked" as you were in step two: when you are walking. By leading with your hips, you look more vulnerable and confident, which you learned in step one was a good thing.

Step Four: Connect With People

You might think that by avoiding eye contact and keeping a poker face, you look like a bad boy. In reality, it makes you look like the completely aloof person that no one wants to be around. Make eye contact with everyone you come across and keep a slight smile on your face. This subtly communicates that you are confident, yet friendly, an awesome combination if there ever was one!

Source by Darrin Carlson

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