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Acer now has a new device which they call Aspire One. The Aspire One is designed to allow the users access the internet in a fast and simple manner.

The Aspire One is very compact measuring only 9.8 x 6.7 x 1.14 inches. It is so small that the Aspire One only weighs a little bit over two pounds. And because of its small dimensions and very light weight, Aspire One is one notebook that you can certainly take anywhere you go. But even if Aspire One is small compared to ordinary notebooks, it has all the things that a computer needs to connect easily to the internet and more. It has a user-friendly software as well as a battery that would last up to six hours.

Get connected with this smart and small notebook wherever you are. The Aspire One has a built-in WiFi so that users can access the wireless networks available. Sooner, Acer would have to include a wireless technology called 3G2so that there will be a much greater freedom when it comes to online activities. Moreover, through the use of the Acer Signal Up, there will be a stable and a high quality wireless signal.

And unlike the typical notebook that only has black or gray as its color, the Aspire One can be a great way to show the stylish you. Choose from four sleek colors which would set you apart from that group of laptop owners sitting in a café. As of now, the Aspire One is available only in sapphire blue and seashell white. But Acer will create two more colors for Aspire One within this year. These are the golden brown and the coral pink.The software included in the Aspire One is user-friendly as well as functional. The entire interface simplifies the connection between the device and the user. Through the help of the Linpus Linux Lite, users can easily use the Internet even if this is the first time that they will be using such. There is also a Mail software that allows the users to manage as much as six accounts using one application. Aside from that, there is also a Messenger than can be used together with various instant messaging services such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and even Skype. The Messenger software included in the Aspire One can also be used for video conferences as well as video chats.

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