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Life in cricket these days have faced a lot of turmoil but these nights with the spotlight on cricket's doublefaces, a true fan may feel like asking a natural pure no-ball delivery to be some way fixed. Sad to say but that's what recent events suggest us.

When India was part of ODI World-Cup 2011, they were said as the favorites to win the cup by everyone. The country too said the same. But we must realize something that all along the cup for every Indian who watched the game, it was the game that greeted viewers from all corners.

Current scenario does not suggest us that it's the game that brings a TRP rating. The glamor and the on-field little drama's that unfolded in the game were the attraction quotient. But it would be foolish for any fan to believe a T20 game does not go to last over to decide its winner. The format itself is meant for that last over eye catching moments. Neverheless we can not deny the fact that it is nearly impossible to detect any spot-fixiing that occurred, which recent reports suggest. The same holds true for the ICC set-up ACSU Anti-Corruption and Security Unit as well they are too helpless with these situations.

The question that still lingers around or clings onto my pen

"how? how do we realize that it was a game where players had their full potential?"

This takes me back to the time when Gary Kirsten was India's World-Cup winning coach.

Do you remember what coach Gary Kirsten, drafted with the help of Paddy Upton India's mental conditioning coach and Mike Horn a motivational speaker, wrote ?.

Even as an outsider, he was quick to realize (in March 2011) the need of the hour for Team India, and titled the draft as " Let's make our dream come true ".

The Draft said that its first major concern to the team in achieving the goal was the outstanding expectations. The Draft went on to talk about Muhammad Ali as an inspiration rather than the Indian heavy weights like Sunil Gavaskar or Kapil Dev.

Now lets look at what made us feel like its a fight where India can not lose !

Something that stuck me the most when India played the World-Cup final was, India showed their intentions and a bit of desperation to win every ball from the moment they set foot the Wankhede Stadium. The first evidence was that of the Man-of-Series winner Yuvraj Singh's presence at his old position which he had for years. The moment Yuvraj was seen there it caught the attention of the commentator who was quick to praise that.

Every player was fighting for each run. This welcomed the pride and passion to the game without the need for any hype and glamor that surrounded the game.

It is when, we see players, set their foot on the battleground and play their sweat out, that we realize that there is something that every player wants out that cricket match.

It is this moment that we all truly believed we had!

– HARISH ANAND, Owner News On The Go

Source by Harish Anand

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