VAPE.MODS World of Warcraft – Power Leveling And Gold Guides Explained

World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online game that has taken the world by storm. It’s set in Azeroth, a mythical and dangerous world where two factions battle it out to achieve supreme power over the landscape and population that make up World Of Warcraft. It is hard to achieve this accolade but a guide to show you how to do it quickly could make it easy and fast.

The premise of this article is to therefore give the low down of just some of those fair few guidebooks that abound and which can indeed power level you through this game. If you did not already know, power leveling means to maximises ones experience in the game in the fastest possible time.

Such guidebooks claim and some do succeed in propelling you from level one right up to level 60 sometime in less than a week. This is done by giving the player easy instructions through the parts of the game that are needed in order to gain the experience needed for you to go up more levels and concentrate only in those that gain you experience while steering you away from quests that don’t. I know for a fact that these strategies do in fact work and in fact they work very well indeed.

Should you be wondering what a world of warcraft power leveling guide could do for you then let me take the case of Brian Kopp’s famous 1-70 Alliance Guide. This is an ebook that is updated for life and has everything detailed step by step. There are direction maps with every co-ordinate given, as well as an add on or mod that you download and install in the game (perfectly safe and within the rules to do so) that points you in the direction so you are never frustrated looking for the quest that you need to complete. In no time you will reach your quest and then you can refer back to the guide which will link you to either the Thotbot or Allakhazam sites where a detailed explanation of how to best do the quest is included. This will make your life a million times easier and enable you to power level at warp speed!

If reading through an ebook is not for you, you can also get video based ones. Johana’s Horde Leveling Guide, as well as having written instructions like Brian Kopp’s, also has videos and will easily take you to level 70 within days. While Johana’a is aimed at Horde players only and does not have a mod add on like Brian Kopp to take you to the locations you need to get to, it will do exactly the same job with the aid of videos which show you exactly where to go and how to deal with bosses and tricky quests so that you can simply emulate what the author does.

Sometimes in order to power level quicker or simply just show off spanking new gear, we need to find out how to make gold in world of warcraft as fast as possible. This is where I find that a good gold making guide like Valkor really brings in the goods. With it I was recently able to buy an epic flying mount for the first time after managing to accumulate 5000g using the advices and tips given by Valkor who is a 3 year veteran of the game and has accumulated all the best tips and spots in the game where you can accumulate lots of gold very fast and much much cheaper than buying from a Chinese gold farmer. Luke’s money making guide is also awesome so make sure you check out the links below to check out the other great gold and strategy e-books that are not covered here.

There is no doubt that you will get a better sense of achievement if you progress through the game yourself but the game can really get very hard and frustrating at times and the use of these guides can really help making the game a bit more fun rather than leaving you languishing in utter frustration. Also don’t forget that world of warcraft is a dynamic game that keeps releasing expansion packs so make sure that the guidebook you choose to buy gives you updates for those after you buy them. The ones I recommend do that but some other may not. So watch out for this when you make your choice.

Source by James Ross

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