VAPE.MODS Treating Your Practice Like the Real Thing!

I recently had the pleasure of rehearsing with a rock band that is doing a lot of the right things but one of the things that really stuck me was that there set up for their rehearsals. It was nothing like the stage.

It is important to the rising bands / artist understand the importance of making your rehearsals just like the real thing. The most destructive thing that happens to a band / artist is that they do not know what to do with their stage space. I have seen bands that get a large stage and are lost. When I talk about treating it like the "REAL" thing I am talking about positions on stage for each and every song.

Here is a list of things you need to be working on:

1. Positions for every song. For each song where is each member of the band? Is the Lead singer pressuring the audience because the song is calling for it. Is the bassist in the spot light at a certain part of the song?

2. Do not just throw a song list together because it confuses your audience and there has to be a structure to your show. Huge band will rent 3 arenas to rehearse each part of the show. One arena for the show, one arena for the lighting and sound and one arena for load in & load out. These bands will practice this for a month. Prince practices for 6 weeks 10 to 12 hours a day, 6 days week. Believe when you go see Prince it shows.

3. Your interaction with the audience: Rehearse what you say between songs and how you start your show. DO NOT WING IT! I am so tired of going to see bands who "Wing it". These bands have shows that suck! plain and simple. If I am paying good money at the door, I expect a show not a jam. If you are not rehearsing what your then shut up! Another thing is language. Not every one agreements with profanity if you are going to use it make sure your audience is in line with you. If you are not sure about it then do not because you will lose fans.

4. Dress: This is important. I have seen more bands that look like they are bums off the street. What these bands are thinking I have no idea. I do not want to pay money to see a band that is un-rehearsed, poorly dressed, and looking like a bunch of bozos without I am at the circus! Respect your audience do not insults them by not preparing for the show and dressing for the show.

They are so many things that are easy and simple to improve your show that there should be no excuse for taking the stage like hobos and sounding like a jam session. Their is not a successful band out there that does not know these simple and easy rules. You have to realize that there are thousands of bands on the road playing 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That is who you are competing with. You have convince the talent buyer that you are worth the money.You need to plan ahead and that mean EVERYTHING! I have to plan down to the littlest thing in order to put on a show that people will not forget. I am not saying that nothing will go wrong even though you have planned to the little thing, because for sure it will but being rehearsed will allow you to handle the what ever goes wrong with ease.

So remember, Practice, practice, practice and then when you are done practicing go and rehearse your show. Remember, practicing is not rehearsing!

Source by Emo LeBlanc

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