VAPE.MODS The Water4Gas Kit – The Complete Water For Gas Device Kit

Basically Water4Gas is an old fuel booster design that was redeveloped to enhance the engine combustion by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. The water for gas system can significantly improve the gas mileage and lowers exhaust emissions by producing and burning hydrogen on demand with help of electrolysis.

Water4Gas is a comprehensive step by step 300 pages e-book on how you can convert your own car into a hydrogen and gasoline burning water hybrid. The Water4Gas system is a digital guide and the hardware parts are NOT INCLUDED in the system price !!

When you order Water4Gas you can choose to build your own devices or buy discounted ready-to-install kits from the members only marketplace. Here you can buy parts or complete devices from more than 600 installers and manufactures from the entire world.

So which devices are included in the Water4Gas kit?

The Electrolyzer : A durable quart jar with unique spiraled electrodes design that use less electricity to generate more hydrogen than regular plates. The Water4Gas hydrogen generator (Electrolyze) produces hydrogen and oxygen from the water with help of electrolysis by sending electricity from the battery through the suspended spirals. The electricity tension splits apart the water and produces oxygen and hydrogen which will be sucked in to the engine by the gas powered suction (venture suction).

The MAP Sensor Enhancer: Is a must have water4gas fine tuning device for all gasoline driven cars with MAP sensors. The water for gas Electrolyzer will improve the fuel quality significantly; without this device the oxygen sensor will detect the increased oxygen and compensate the combustion by injecting more gasoline into the mixture. When this happens there will be minimal mileage and emission improvements. With the help of the Water4Gas MAP Sensor Enhancer you can easily adjust the ideal fuel injection into the engine.

The Vaporizer: Will improve fuel economy by adding h2o vapor to the fuel, this will cool down the engine and enhance the combustion and the overall fuel economy.

The PCV Enhancer: Is a very important part of the Water4Gas system. Cleans out carbon dioxide and recyclable unused burnable gases. Keeps the oil and spark plugs cleaner and removals unwanted sludge and water out of the crankcase.

The Fuel Heater: Uses the energy from the radiator to pre-heat the gas for better gas economy and combustion efficiency, without modifying the radiator itself.

3.5 feet vacuum hoses (2x): For air filter and the intake manifold

Vacuum line T-connector: Connects to the vacuum line to feed the hydrogen and oxygen gases from the hydrogen generator into the engine.

Installation hardware: Bungee cords, 8 "cables for the electrolyzer, 1/4" vinyl tubing, flex tubing to protect wiring connection and 11 "cables for the fuel heater.

Catalyst: Baking soda, the baking soda is needed to conduct electricity in the distilled water to separate water into HHO in the hydrogen generator.

You can build these Water4Gas devices in a few hours with the help of the detailed illustrations in the e-books. The system douse work and has already been sold to tens of thousands satisfied customers, but you should keep your expectation on a rational level. The Water4Gas mileage results can vary widely depending on temperature, weight, vehicle type and other driving conditions. Maybe mechanisms with special skills and tools can tune cars to tipple mileage under ideal circumstances but average car owners should not expect similar results.

Source by Matt Williams

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