VAPE.MODS Small Kit Home Prices – How Much is a Small Kit Home Package Going to Cost?

Homeowner Builders want deals! Naturally, if you're looking at savings as well as low impact on the environment, a small kit should be a consideration. Convenience, low waste, faster building times, and do-it-yourself advantages make this a popular approach.

Here's the first question I get when people think of building one of the many types of small packaged homes:

Question: What should we expect to pay for a small kit home and house plans?

Answer :

The price you pay for these packaged homes depends on many factors. It's important to understand, as it may not be obvious to everyone, that after purchasing a Kit Home, it still needs to be built when it hits your site. There is very little pre-assembling in a kit home package.

So, the materials package of a Kit Home presents only about one third to one half of the overall cost of the finished home. Why is this the case? Well, these kits are not modular or manufactured homes but site-built homes with only a small portion of the labor provided through factory framing.

Best Suited for the DIY Home Owner Builder

People with the experience to provide their own labor can benefit the most from purchasing Kit Homes. And, small packages are even better for the DIY Owner Builder.

With these small home kits, the construction goes much faster, the potential problems are minimized, and labor costs are much lower.

Some Surprisingly Small Price Tags

You can purchase Kit Home packages for a few thousand dollars (often under ten thousands) for the smallest homes and on up to easily over $ 100,000 for larger home packages. In most cases, there will still be materials to purchases locally like foundations, finishing materials, and certain hardware for the home.

The house plans are usually included. But, for full details, it really pays to ask a lot of questions of your potential suppliers before you make your decision.

Research well, compare products and customer service, and do not rush into your decision.

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