VAPE.MODS Rhinoplasty and Its Many Modifications

A rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure wherein the individual is subjected to an operation to alter the appearance of his or her nasal region. Since the nasal area is in the middle of the face, any abnormality or unappealing look as perceived by the nose's owner can be changed through a rhinoplasty. The reality of it is that this operation started out very simple and eventually evolved into one of the more common forms of cosmetic surgery. Several thousands of people go to their plastic surgeons and request to have a big or small alteration to the area at whim. It is not as expensive as other forms of cosmetic operations, and many hospitals and clinics these days allow installation payments.

Common Alterations

One of the most common changes that can be made through rhinoplasty is changing the tip of the person's nose. Our noses come in all shapes and sizes and it is no wonder that not everyone is happy with their lot in life when it comes to this. The advances in medical science, in particular the nose job, have enabled the surgeons to maneuver, modify and alter it. The tip of the nose can be too broad or too bulbous, which many people do not like. It is so easy to go to a plastic surgeon and request to have an example done to show the closest possible results.

Another common request is to make the nostrils appear smaller or narrower. Many people do not like to have large nostrils as these give the impression of the breathing organ being much bigger. To narrow the span of the nostrils, the doctor will need to modify and reshape them. In many cases, the modification can take several hours and recovery can be slow, especially since the modified part is constantly in use.

Rhinoplasty can also be an operation that is based on reconstruction. This means that the surgeon is intent on returning both form and function to the body part. A lot of accidents happen that can reshape or damage the nose. Reconstructive surgery is a big help when it comes to bringing back both function and form to the nasal area.


There are two basic techniques when operating on noses. The open and the closed techniques are the two basic methods in modifying the nasal area. The difference between the two is the incision that is made in the flesh part of the middle of the nose. Both are effective techniques in modifying and improving the body part but some doctors prefer the open technique due to the access it grants them to move around in the area. The closed method may be a bit more difficult in the sense that the surgeon may not always be aware of his movements and be restricted by not being able to see. Rhinoplasty is not a particularly difficult operation, though the level of difficulty may depend on what alteration or improvement the person has requested of the doctor.

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