VAPE.MODS Product Review – The AirCast Ankle Sprain Care Kit

Most people are familiar with the general treatment of an ankle injury. When the injury occurs there is pain, swelling, redness and difficulty walking. The usual course is to get off the ankle (rest), apply ice to the ankle (to reduce swelling and inflammation), elevate the extremity (to reduce pain and swelling) and wrap the ankle (for compression).

The absence of these treatments prolongs the patients disability and causes further pain and damage to soft tissue structures around the ankle joint.

The Ankle Sprain Kit by AirCast addresses the areas of treatment following a mild to moderate ankle sprain. It is one of the only complete systems for the functional management of an acute ankle sprain.

The Kit contains the classic Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace has been used for years by doctors and hospitals as an anatomically designed semi-rigid ankle sterrup for support and graduated compression during walking. The patented air system system promotions compression and efficient edema control, which helps to accelerate and rehabilitate an injured ankle.

The Kit also contains a cold pack for immediate use to control pain, swelling and inflammation. An ankle wrap is included to hold the cold pack in place, and to provide added compression immediately after the injury.

A DVD and booklet is provided showing instructions for treatment and rehabilitation. An exercise band is an added feature to help restore strength and flexibility of the ankle after the acute phase of the injury has resolved. The DVD outlines some of the exercises that are used to increase the range of motion of the ankle.

The Ankle Sprain Kit is a must for hospitals, doctors offices, therapy clinics, schools and sports teams.

The Kit is based on the size of the Air-Stirrup needed, and left or right ankle.

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