VAPE.MODS Orgasmic Sex Positions – How to Send Her Hot Climax Every Single Time – Guaranteed!

Many experts will have you believe that most women can not orgasm during intercourse. However, latest study suggests otherwise. According to a recent research from Prague, women have a higher chance of getting the big "O" via penetrative sex (Source: The Sun). In today's article, we are going to discuss few positions that will help your girl to reach orgasm quickly and easily. These positions look simple, but are extremely powerful. Remember, the simplest positions are often the best. You can leave those crazy and bizarre positions to your favorite porn stars.

Orgasm optimization

Before we proceed, I would like to talk about what I call "orgasm optimization", ie things you can do to enhance sensation and intensify orgasm. Here's how:

# 1. Widen your penis : Still think that longer is better? Not really. As the most sensitive erectile nerve and G spot of a woman are located just a few inches (about 0.5 – 3 inches) away from vaginal entrance, a thicker penis is preferred. With a wide member, you are able to stimulate her erectile nerve and G spot frequently to create multiple orgasms.

# 2. Practice Kegel exercise together : It is a wonderful exercise both of you should practice regularly. It helps men to last longer in bed and gain better ejaculatory control. As for women, it increases vaginal sensitivity and gains female orgasms. In fact, Kegel exercise is an effective treatment for women who have problems reaching climax.

Orgasmic Sex Positions

# 1. Modified Missionary Position

With a little modification, the supposedly-boring missionary position can help both partners to reach new heights of orgasms! Firstly, she lies on her back with a big pillow under her buttock. Then, bring her legs to rest against your chest. Next, lean your body forward between a 30 to 45 angles and penetrate her. Keep on rocking against her vaginal wall and G spot until she climaxes.

# 2. Torrid Tabletop

In this position, she is required to lie on a big table, with her buttock near the edge. Then, you stand between her legs and penetrate from front. To further enhance the sensation, spread her two legs across so that they form a "V" shape. In addition to erotic thruster, you can start her clitoris with your hands. The cumulative effects will build up her desire and sensation very quickly!

Source by Ian Lee

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