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A brand new improved dance game from Nintendo for your Wii, Just Dance 2 can provide you with many hours of entertainment .. and a good workout at the same time! Turn into a dancing queen (or king), and master all the steps from iconic stars. Boasting considerably improved movement recognition using the Wii remote, and plenty more tracks coming from a variety of eras and music styles, you will quickly be grooving away like a true professional.

Rehearse all on your own, or have fun with up to 7 of your friends for a fun party evening with 4 brand new dance modes. Try out the Duet Mode, which enables players to dance together, or the Dance Battle Mode that's more of a team game. Party Mode is designed for you to just get together and dance, no competition necessary, and Just Sweat Mode will encourage you to exercise and keep an eye on the calories that you've burned up as well as set targets for yourself.

So just how do you play the game? Well, simply select the mode that you would like to play, and, holding your Wii Remote, try and follow the silhouetted figure on screen as precisely as you can. Along the foot of your screen, you will notice stick figures that will assist you to get ready for the next step. The more accurately you reproduce the moves, the higher you will score.


The main "pro", according to reviewers, is the substantial improvement of the accuracy of the motion control. A further feature that was commented on is the option to buy and download fresh tracks and content, creating an increased possibility of expanding and renewing the game play.

A large number of people really enjoyed the Sweat Mode, and declared that they were given a real hard exercise session that was enjoyable at the same time.

One mom of small children really liked the fact that several of the lyrics of the songs had been modified to be more suitable for younger kids that are among the target audience. Some other moms really enjoyed the game as something they could do together with their children.


A number of people felt that the steps and routines weren't all that unique compared to the first Just Dance, so they felt that it wasn't worth purchasing Just Dance 2 if you already purchased the first version.

One parent felt that the moves in many of the tracks were too grown-up for younger children to imitate, and other parents of younger children felt that the song choices were not contemporary enough.

The steps and moves are choreographed by professionals so that you can learn all of the hottest steps in rock, pop, hip hop and more. Just Dance 2 will probably have you moving like never before, and will certainly get your party started, and will keep it going.

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