VAPE.MODS Maglite Led Upgrade-Not All Created Equal

Original Maglite LED upgrades

Mag has two models in the Mini line upgraded to LED and sold as complete new LED flashlights. They also roled out upgrade kits for some of the models in the C and D series.

But these are not the only way to upgrade your trusted Mag lite flashlight to LED.

Third party conversion kits

Third party kits are also available and getting better too. With these upgrade kits you can pretty much upgrade any Mag model. However, not all of those kits are created equal.

When you find a label that says your kit will void the original Mag warranty, you might want to shop a bit more. Because there are third party kits out there officially claiming – and obviously delivering the benefits of – not to void the original warranty. And you never know when you end up calling up on that assurance over the long life of your trusted and durable Mag lite.

LED bulb upgrades and kits

Moreover, there are LED bulb kits available to upgrade your Mag lite to LED just by replacing the old bulb. Both single and multiple bulb kits (usually with 3 LED units) are available. However, as an upgrade, your preference should generally be given to single LED bulbs. Here's why.

LEDs do not have one single resistance so they operate at various voltages passing various currents. If there is more than one LED in a kit they will have slightly different performance characteristics. But those slight differences could amount to drastically different operating voltages and currents. This way they could effectively shorten each other's bright life phase. And if that happens they will tend to turn into bluish and quite possibly lose a fundamental part of their brightness.

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Source by Otti Newhouse

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