VAPE.MODS How to Prolong Premature Ejaculation

You are ready to take a stand against premature ejaculation and you are ready to put a stop to it for good. You want to be able to last longer in bed and so you can make sex a more enjoyable experience for both you and your girl. You hate the fact that sex is over so fast and you know that your girl feels the same way.

You want to learn how to prolong premature ejaculation so you can make sex last longer and become a better lover in the bedroom. By learning how to fight off the early ejaculation, you can easily increase your stamina in the bedroom and become one of the best lovers that she has ever had. Now is the time to make this a reality.

First of all, if you want to prolong premature ejaculation, you need to be prepared to go down a route of natural methods. We are so used to heading over to the drugstore and spending hundreds of dollars on relief. That is not going to be the case anymore. Now, you are going to learn how to eliminate early ejaculation in a very safe and natural way. You are also going to save yourself some money too.

The biggest change that you need to make if you want to make sex last longer is you need to get more sleep. When are not getting enough sleep and you are tired, then you have lost some control over your body. You are not as alert and your reflexes are not as sharp. If you are malnourished and you are having sex, then obviously you will not be able to hold onto your orgasm for very long. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Your body is going to thank you for this, or at least nap during the evening before you make love.

Another way to prolong premature ejaculation without the use of medications or creams, is to practice deep breathing. You might be going too soon in bed because your breathing over excites your body. When you get this sense of anxiosity in your body, then that can definitely make you orgasm. Although sex is exciting and it is a lot of fun, it is better for you to slow down your breathing so you can calm down your body and have more control over the situation.

Using these natural methods will certainly work in your favor. You can make sex last longer and you can make it happen tonight. Your girl will thank you.

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