VAPE.MODS How to Get Your Warcraft Character to Level 80 Fast

With the right planning and tools, you can level your Warcraft character to level 70 and even level 80 within one week of playing time. Level 70 can be attained after just 3 days or playtime and level 80 will take the remaining 3 days. This is the average time for someone using our specific guides. Faster times are achieved using this guide daily.

One key factor in being able to level this quickly is completing quests efficiently. Many Warcraft players will simply wonder around from quest to quest, which is fine if that's how you want to play the game, but you will take forever to level using this approach. Many times when you are working on a quest, there are many side quests in the same vicinity. If you want to level up quickly, you should be working on three of four quests at a time. When working on multiple quests, however, it can be difficult to keep track of them all.

It's not just all about quests, though. It's about knowing the best areas for grinding and how to move about quickly. Also, it really helps to find a good WoW community and forum. The more friends that you have in the game, the faster you can help each other level. One player reportedly reached the level 80 cap in 27 hours by using specific grinding locations and a friend that treated him constantly. This is not the most fun approach, but it can be done.

We all know how expansive Warcraft with thousands of items and hundreds of locations. Factor in the huge volume of people that play and

Warcraft Forums & Communities
Find yourself a good Warcraft forum and community to participate in and make some friends for in-game play. Beware! Some forums are full of noobs and people that will attempt to lure you to a location for an ambush. There are many forums available, but we recommend this Warcraft Forum. The aforementioned forum is full of very fun but hardcore WoW players.

In – Game Mods
A Warcraft game "mod" is software that installed along with Warcraft, generally designed to make you a more efficient player in some way. There are mods to help manage items, locations, friends, etc. Some in game guides like our WoW Guides combine all of these along with your own "tour" guide. be careful of what mods you install. Some mods are deemed "illegal" or as "exploits" and will get you a permanent ban from playing Warcraft online. Be sure any mod that is installed is legal.

To recap, in order to achieve level 70 or 80 quickly, you must become a part of a good WoW community and get yourself an in-game guide. With our WoW Guides, we provide you with everything you need to be a successful WoW player. Our in-game guide will show you exactly where to go and what quests to complete for maximum efficiency. Access to our expert WoW forums is included, you are sure to find some powerful alliances there.

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