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It is easy to see draw parallels between modern football jerseys and army uniforms of the past; both feature bright hues trimmed with all manner of braid, badges, medals etc. and are worn by groups of men proudly displaying their colors before the opponent.

It's all about belonging to a tribe, displaying your battle colors, adopting the rich and wide variety of designs your favorite team has worn, whether it's a solid and traditional home shirt or an outrageous eyeball scorching away, showing who you follow and by default who you do not. It's all about owning and showing your true colors.

The combination of multi paneled hi-tech fabric outfits has also enabled designers to create styles that are intended to subconsciously increase physical presence and to give an almost armour-like impression – perfect for battle on the pitch.

Today, football supporters choose to show their allegiance to their team by donning a replica jersey. In the 70s it was scarves and bobble hats.

The fact that the contemporary football battle dress also now contains the financial benefits of additional sponsorship is a problem solely for the kit designers – not the players, not the fans. To the players it is purely a part of their uniform, good or bad, and to the fans it is an expression of their loyalty and emotion. These extra logos are not something to be accused of as some older supporters claim. Often the brands became intrinsically linked with the club.

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