VAPE.MODS Benefits of Using a MSR Dragonfly Stove

MSR dragonfly stove has been specifically designed to be used during camping and hiking activities. The features that make it an appropriate choice for these kinds of outdoor activities is its portability, light weight and the models that easily fit into almost any type of backpack that you desire to take to your trip. Most of the stoves are devoid of a large number of settings. But the devices from MSR are not like that, they consists of a number of mechanisms and functions put together to be simply one of the best among its kind.

The number of accolades and awards won by this brand is a clear indication of the quality of the products under it. It was first launched during the year 1998. It lights up readily and gives out a powerful flame. It is also efficient enough to prepare a gourmet meal. The customers who have used it have reviewed that the dragonfly series is better compared to any other series of the MSR line. You can easily place large cooking utensils over it as it is designed with wide side props that hold them intact at one place. You can use several types of fuels to run this which include diesel, kerosene, unleaded gasoline and many other types of fuel. While carrying it from one place to the other you can simply fold it and carry it in your backpack. Due to folding it becomes 1/3 rd of its actual size.

The burner has been so designed to keep the flame burning for a prolonged duration of time. If you see that the MSR dragonfly stove is emitting too much of heat at the time of functioning then you can simply make use of the windscreen to cut the flow of heat. The burner cups infested in it collects the heat and prevents it from warming up the surrounding air. Another component is the jet which has to be cleaned properly after every use by shaking off the debris from it.

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