VAPE.MOD Tiontiontime A Grade Pipe With Magnetic Lip For Dry Herbs Weeds Spices Cigarette Paper

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An amazing revolutionary smoking device designed with Filter Gap Technology which eliminates clogging and the use of screens. Constructed from zinc alloy,Titiontiontime’s Pipe Journey does not break, stays cool to the touch, is 100% non-toxic, and delivers cool smoke.

Introduction of Tobacco Journey Pipe

This revolutionary smoking pipe is ergonomically designed to fit your hands perfectly and delivers cool, clean smoke every time. Also, it is lightweight, non-toxic and looks awesome from all the angles.

Our pipe is made from High Grade Aloe Zinc material which stays cool after extreme heat in bowl. Three piece easy to use design allows to set it up very quick and use it in the matter of seconds. Magnetic lid also serves as cleaning tool to clean the bowl after each use. Hard plastic case is very convenient and discreet, will fit in any small purse, clutch or in jean pocket.Delivery Time of Tiontiontime Pipe: Ship from United States,3-6 days to arrive. Color: Black.PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ORDER FROM TIONTIONTIME. Tiontiontime never authorize any third party to sell our product.
SLEEK AND SOPHISTICATED This convenient and discreet pipe features a sleek, metallic construction that’s durable and hygienic. We specially designed our product to suit both young and old tobacco enthusiasts, but we made sure that we incorporated the classy and suave feel of the traditional pipe.This well-designed pipe is constructed from zinc alloy, is unbreakable, stays cool to the touch, and is 100% non-toxic.
NO SCREENS NEEDED There is no need for a screen in this pipe because of the two piece body design.The innovative 200 micron filter gap eliminates the clogging and the use of screens. So Tiontiontime Pipe is the healthiest and cleanest way to smoke and inhale.
BUILT FOR CONVENIENCE Tiontiontime pipe consists of three-pieces which are hold together by powerful magnets. The bowl cap swivels left or right and is held in place with a powerful magnet.
EASY TO CARRY AROUND The stylish plastic case keeps everything neatly organized and let you enjoy puffing dried herbs while you are on the go.

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