VAPE.MOD Qweryboo 1500mAh 0VANCL All metal fuselage Electronic Carbon Fiber Cigarette Protective Air Release Vinyl Decal Wrap E-Cig Vape Box (Sliver)

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Note: after the cartridge is installed, be sure to oil and soak for about 5 minutes before twisting to the battery to prevent dry burning
Unique crack rubber baking process, not only the appearance of unique, feel more comfortable.
Equipped with SONIX smart imported chips, high performance and low power consumption of the wonderful balance.
All-metal body Seiko build, full of texture.
The atomizer uses the bottom 360 fully sealed design, completely eliminate the oil spill.
W dual channel, air circulation system, the top of the intake, better taste.
A key to adjust the power (20-80W), smoke can be small or small.
atomization core 0.3Ω, low resistance, large smoke, play smoke preferred.
Double hole at the top of the air, air flow naturally good taste.
Removable anti-hot comfortable nozzle.
One-handed one-touch control, feel wonderful, extraordinary experience.All metal body and crack rubber porcelain craft, feel comfortable, one-button operation, easy and convenient
Adjustable power for 20~ 80w. Best choice for beginners and audiophile
360 ° seal, a new generation of revolutionary bottom sealing technology, air flow from the top two-way access, fundamentally put an end to oil spilling and oil explosion problem
Using 0.3Ω efficient heating wire and imported organic cotton refined, with a large smoke and ensuring a mellow taste
Using 1500mAh battery, the energy density of up to 700wh / L, energy is twice the energy of a normal battery, a substantial increase in battery life, usb charging interface, anytime, anywhere easy to charge

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