VAPE.MOD Qweryboo 1100mAh Electronic Cigarette Smoke EGO-CE4 Carbon Fiber Protective Air Release Vinyl Decal Wrap Vape Box 60ML Smoke Oil for Stop Smoking (Red)

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1 * EGO battery.
1 * CE4 atomizer.
1 * USB cable filling.
1 * cardboard blister.
200 * 80 * 15 mm.
Smoke oil need to buy it on your own.
9 different flavors of smoke oil can be chosen.
There is also a better quality e-cig please look at my shop.Nicotine replacement therapy is used to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine inhaled by smokers, thus successfully quitting smoking
Control smoke output and working condition through high – tech silicon chip and airflow induction, atomization nicotine
To vape just press the button and hold in whilst inhaling from the mouthpiece, release to stop
Smart battery, click after five times to start up, the method of shutdown is the same, generally you don’t need to shut it down, it’s not a big drain, unless you’re not using it for a long time
E-cigarettes do not include smoke oil and need to be bought by yourselves, 9 different flavors of cigarette oil, choose your favorite one then start the quit journey

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