VAPE.MOD MOMAN Vape 3 Packets :Soft Tobacco/Natural Quit Smoking Remedy/Harmless Stress Reliever/Simply Breathe to Improve Your Mood/Food Grade/Organic and Natural

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Product description: 3 Packet Soft tobacco ; Suction times per packet:300-500 Single Length: 4.7 inch(120mm) Single Diameter: 0.35 inch (9mm) Single Weight: 1oz(25g) Why Choose MOMAN? ★ Effective & Long Lasting ★ No Charging Needed or Required. ★ Easy to hold in hand and puff on at all times. ★Ready & Easy To Use Anytime & Anywhere ★ Helps you lead a healthier lifestyle. ★Safe & Healthy. No tobacco, nicotine, artificial ingredients, GMOs, gluten. ★International Standard,Multiple Certification,Carefully build quality assurance. ★Modern and Classic shape: SO COOL! High quality stainless steel combines with modern and elegant design,Multi-layer rubber paint Baby-like skin feel, and the diamond LED light will lit up when sucking which bring you fashionable, interesting and novel experience. ★Smoke It At Anytime And Anywhere: Provide up to 300-500 gentle puffs(depending on the individual–how often and what big breath you are taking), simple and convenient to handle at any occasion and any time. ★ MOMAN portable, disposable device is the best personal essential oil diffuser available! Proudly give as a pure, premium gift.★ Flavors : 3 Packet Soft tobacco ; Suction times per packet:300-500
★ Great taste, effectively and efficiently assist ease stress and anxiety.
★ It contains with steam, collagen, vitamins, natural aromatherapy and organic plant ingredients to protect your health.
★ Say goodbye to tobacco and “passive smoking”
★ Led tail lights-automatically light up when inhaling

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