VAPE.MOD KININ Eco Rechargable Pod-Based Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser with Relax, Recover & Focus

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KININ Eco is the world’s first rechargeable, reusable personal essential oil diffuser. Eco uses pods of our popular essential oil blends that snap in magnetically (how cool is that?!). The Eco charges off of standard USB power, and can be used all day without recharging. KININ Eco pods contain all natural, organic essential oil blends, with each ingredient sourced from around the world. Each blend is hand crafted from the ground up. Current blends in this collection include: * KININ Relax – Copaiba, Chamomile, Valerian Root * KININ Focus – Cinammon Bark, Tangerine, Cacao * KININ Recover – Peppermint, Clary Sage, EucalyptusUSDA Certified Organic, Ethically Sourced, Vegan Safe

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