VAPE.MOD Earth Natural Botanical 100% PURE ORGANIC HEMP SEED (Unrefined) Cannabis sativa Kosher & Carrier Hemp Seed oil | 15mL (.51 fl oz) Glass BottleEuro Dropper

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15mL with euro-dispenser [.9 mm orifice] is ideal for daily consumption of 1-3 drops (three times daily) to maintain the perfect primal diet ratio. Rich, bold, and aromatic-this oil is the highest nutritional oil available in the market today! This oil has abundant uses, such as direct application to relieve joint, muscle, and tension pain. Its wonderful natural elasticity properties make this oil ideal for hair products to provide strengthening and continuous moisture from the hair follicle, which subsequently creates gorgeous shine! When used directly or in bath and personal care products-this restorative oil leaves your skin feeling silky-soft and supple all day! Best of all is the natural nutty taste and aroma that enhances foods wonderfully! This cold-pressed product may be added to salads, soups, beverage blends, coffees, teas, etc.This 15mL Tamper-Evident Euro-Dropper Bottle contains approx 540 drops | 180 servings (60-day supply)
Fountainhead of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, and E, to name a few ● Surfeit of omega fatty acids and proteins ● 73-80% of the “good” oils that the body needs ● Natural (chlorophyll) green ● Pleasant nutty taste and aroma ● Absorbent & Emollient
Perfect Primal Diet 4:1 Cannabis sativa is a natural medicinal healing herb that nature supplies.

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