VAPE.MOD Chocolate Flavoring Concentrate (PG) 1 oz

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Contains: Non Flavor Ingredient (NFI): Propylene Glycol (PG) – a solvent for food colorings, flavors and is soluble in water • No Lactic Acid • No Acetoin and Acetyl Proprionyl • No Diacetyl • Does NOT contain any other solvent, Glycerin or Ethanol • No Artificial Sweeteners • No Vegetable Oils • Sugar Free ~ Gluten Free • Usage: 1 oz to 40 lbs, 1 lb hard candy = 1 cup sugar recipe DO NOT USE UNDILUTED ~~~ This is a highly concentrated flavor to be used in many diluted recipe applications.Used For Hard Candy Flavoring, Smoothies, Frostings, etc.
No alcohol
High Concentrate
Artificial Flavors

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