VAPE.MOD Best Vitamin Aromatherapy Inhaler – LUU!”Vitamin B+” Get A Dose of Vitamin B! Breathe LUU To Enhance Your Mood With Blended & Heated Aromatherapy In A Portable Device.

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Red LUU B+ – Breathe In Vitamin B. Feel Presence and Peace with this Balancing blend of essential oils.

LUU Therapeutic Air
LUU is a health and wellness lifestyle brand that currently sells Therapeutic Air in the form of the personal essential oil diffuser, which promotes mood change and life-enhancing effects through the ancient practice of aromatherapy. This personal diffusers includes 0 nicotine or tobacco, 0 GMOs.

Essential Oil Safety
LUU Portable Aromatherapy Diffusers turn our custom blends of essential oils into water vapor and aromatherapy, so while the term “vaporizer” is technically accurate, it can be slightly misleading. LUU does not contain any of the ingredients commonly found in many of the devices labeled vaporizers, such as nicotine. This is why we choose to call LUU a portable aromatherapy diffuser rather than a “vaporizer.”

LUU is safe to use in terms of the essential oil content, as well as the heated vapor delivery system, as far as it is possible to know from current information. This endorsement applies only when used as directed, and not by people with respiratory illnesses, allergies to essential oils, or by pregnant or nursing women.LUU: Find purity, sharpness, and coherence with this mentally relaxing blend that provides a dose of Vitamin B
WHAT IS LUU? Specially blended & heated aromatherapy, in a portable, disposable device. Infused with Vitamin B.
BREATHE LUU! This personal diffusers includes 0 nicotine or tobacco, 0 GMOs
Each LUU should last a month when used as described below, and provide about 500 gentle puffs.
IN ADDITION: LUU provides a rubber tip and glows red when in use

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