VAPE.LIQUID Wind + Limestone = Gasoline

Car manufacturers and governments are seeking to make you obtain-in to the electric automobile hype. Individually, I don’t feel it is going to function, even with the subsidies (by governments from your tax bucks) and the major marketing by the manufacturers (compensated for by you upon a new car or truck order). There is a basic alternative.

How to retailer electrical energy

The storage of alternative (electric) strength, as from wind and solar sources is the genuine issue. In contrast to gasoline or diesel, even the very best batteries do not come wherever near to the strength storage density of the liquid hydrocarbon fuels. Gasoline or diesel have a storage density of roughly fifty periods that of the very best alternative. So, why not make gasoline from wind and solar electric power somewhat than seeking to retailer the electric strength directly?

In truth, the method of converting electrical energy to gasoline is incredibly basic. It needs only limestone and water (and, of training course, electrical energy).


The chemical reduction and conversion of coal to gasoline has been identified and utilised for some seventy five yrs. It was practiced substantial scale in Germany during WWII. Utilizing limestone as carbon source, somewhat than coal, needs just a different action in the method, also identified for hundreds of years. On heating, limestone disintegrates to lime (calcium oxide) and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is the very same substance obtained from burning coal.

The reaction of carbon dioxide and hydrogen at significant temperature makes hydrocarbons., i.e. gasoline and diesel solutions. Hydrogen, of training course, is obtainable in limitless amounts upon electrolysis of water. All that is wanted for that is electric strength.


The mother nature of wind and solar electric electric power makes them incredibly intermittent and unreliable strength sources. The key issue, hence, is to obtain a storage technique which can adapt to this variability in strength creation and, simultaneously, is basic, charge-effective, and can make use of the existing systems and infrastructure.

All the technology and procedures demanded for the electrical energy-to-gasoline or diesel conversion have been perfected for several a long time by now. So, why not use them to retailer hugely variable electric electric power from wind and solar systems to make gasoline or diesel?

This strategy does not demand costly significant strength density automotive batteries (not obtainable), or superconducting transmission lines (not obtainable), or any other new, as nonetheless unavailable technology. Additionally, in all round strength conditions, it is no less strength efficient than batteries and does not demand any improve in gasoline stations, etc.

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