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I find that age is really first a matter of mind. Do not believe that you must show the signs of aging. Do not be with people who constantly complain about aches, pains, medicines, etc. Make it your passion to be well and healthy. It all starts with you.

Simple things like drinking enough water are important. We need to be certain that we are well-hyrdated each day. Drinking coffee, juices, and soda pop is not true hydration; we need purified water and mineralized waters to help sustain true health. If you are eating foods that are denatured, over-processed, salted, smoked, and sweetened you might consider consider upgrading your food choices. By eating foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes you will give your body more of what it needs to be vibrant. Visit a holisitc doctor who can help guide your personal wellness plan.

Eat foods from every color of the rainbow each week; colored sherbet and jellos do not count. Be sure to have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet foods -both fruits and veggies. Cut back on alcohol and all sweets too. If you smoke please stop. Eating a wide variety of foods is important.

Get outside and allow your body to absorb some natural sunlight while you walk or bike or play some sport. Just walking at a fast pace is really wonderful exercise if you do it consistently through the week. So many of us are office-bound and drive much too often. What will sitting too long do for you? Nothing but bring illness! We must move in every way including moving our bowels to keep your body vibrant.

As far as keeping your skin as free from deep wrinkles as possible, including anti-oxidants in your daily diet. Look for richly colored natural foods and add an anti-oxidant supplement. Be sure that you take digestive enzymes as you age to help stimulate your metabolism and help your body rid itself of waste.

Apply a 100% natural oil after your shower. Be sure that you do not over consume refined carbohydrates, fried foods, and junk foods.

Another important component to looking and feeling more youthful than your actual age is to engage in activities that bring true inner peace. For some this may mean meditation, for others prayers or music or sitting still by a quiet lake or stream. Even sexual activity helps to bring inner peace when you are in love. The connection between two loving bees is a wonderful way to bring balance of body mind and spirit.

During your hectic day take a moment or two and just mentally inhale that which you thoroughly adore; This could be a person, place, thing, an emotion such as the feeling of joy, the exhilaration of winning a contest, having millions of dollars suddenly fall into your lap, or anything else that brings you personal satisfaction. When you place yourself in the position to experience inner peace and joy you actually uplift your personal resonance, or the vibe that you send out to the world. When we send out beauty and joy and peace and honesty we will begin to sense those very same things returning to us.

Next, exhale all of the things you no longer need or want as part of you. Exhale fear, worry, grief, sadness, feelings of abandonment, shame, guilt, dishonesty, violations, anger, impatience, and all negative memories that have hurt you in some way. Let all of the people who have hurt you flow away from you and into this black box — they are not harmed just converted into a more wonderful and loving person.

As you imagine letting go of all of the things that burden you each day try to be clear about what they are. In your mind's eye as you identify what has hurt you or someone else, let them gather and then see these things as black streams or gray streams or blobs that are moving away from you. See them flowing effortlessly into a large black box that is suspended in the air a distance from you. Once they hit the box they dissipate instantly and become sparkling white lights that gently return to you bringing wonderful feelings, filling you with exactly what you were needing at that moment.

When we are children we do not judge our actions or our emotions, we just act and we feel. Somewhere along the line we may be molded into thinking that something is good or bad, or that we may be good or bad so we stop doing certain things or we stop feeling to one degree or another. Boys are often told to hold in their emotions because they would be considered weak if shown. Girls are told not to be so emotional because it makes people feel uncomfortable. Try to reclaim those joyful moments by going to that place in your mind where you once experienced joy and allow your mind to recreate that feeling for you.

Mastering the practice of experiencing inner peace is something I hope everyone can accomplish; it is an infinite space and one that brings such lovely balance of body, mind and spirit.

Other things that will help you slow down your personal aging: Being outside with nature, walking the beaches, hiking the mountains, looking at wildlife, taking warm baths in epsom salt, deep breathing exercises, doing one new thing a day, being with uplifting fiends and family members, eating live foods that have life-giving energy more often, holding your favorite pet, being around children and watching them enjoy life, not cooking your food too long or at high temperatures, wearing clothes that allow your body to breathe . Take care of your body from your hair to the soles of your feet. Perhaps massage therapy will get your circulation going and that is paramount to good health.

Make whatever you choose to eat of the highest quality possible. It is said that when we are grateful for our food it will balance the molecular structure. A Japanese Doctor by the name of Masaru Emoto did a beautiful scientific study providing that water crystals align when we say a prayer or feel grateful and the chosen language did not matter. Check that out on line. So being grateful for life, for all that you have, will also uplift you and others.

Choose your thoughts wisely. If you check your mind-chatter you may find that you are not your own best friend. If you are mentally sabotaging yourself please begin to change that mental movie. Try saying good things to yourself and about yourself. We must first learn how to love ourselves before we can truly love others. Write a list of all of your good exercises. Say them aloud and write them into your mental script. Program yourself to be youthful.

Each day when I look in the mirror I say "You look 35!" I certainly am much older, however, the more you say things like this, the more the subconscious mind must act to create it. So get to work in the mirror starting today. Do not allow yourself to say horrible things about your body and do not let anyone else influence you about how you view yourself. It is not always easy to let go of hurtful things other people may say, but it is important that you start to take control of your health and it all starts with A THOUGHT!

Do things that make you laugh every day. Play a game with children. Watch how they have mastered the art of truly "playing" a game. They immerse themselves in game playing; so honest. Participate in things that you love to do such as playing a musical instrument, dancing, boating, painting, singing, joining a non-for-profit group, visiting the museums, a ball park, or other activities that bring joy.

Every evening before bed practice inhaling youth and vibration. Inhale joy and peace. Mentally see your body getting youger and try to feel it happening. Sense your skin tightening and becoming more elastic, feel your body fat shrinking, your eyes sparkling, your mind sharpening and your energy increasing.

Make choices each moment that is better than the ones you have made before. Vibrance begins on the inside and will shine brightly no matter what your age. Think younger now!

Live well, live younger than your years!

Source by Janet Angel

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