VAPE.LIQUID Liquid Vitamins Trace Minerals

Vitamins and minerals (a few atomic elements like Boron, Titanium, Cerium, Thallium etc. are classified as essential minerals) are supplements that are often missing today in our regular diets. These are vital components of food needed in very small quantities to keep good and vibrant health. When taken regularly, liquid vitamins minerals enable us to live a healthier and more active life. Vitamins trace minerals are like lubricants for the body without which body becomes ragged, rough and when taken in required quantities replenish nutritional deficiencies, can brighten the eyes, skin and benefit other body parts and while prolonging life. These are essential to remain youthful and to be constantly energized.

Liquid (also known as colloidal) vitamins trace minerals are very much similar to those that are available in any health store but have been prepared by suspending these components in a liquid mixture. Various studies have found that present day consumers prefer liquid form to pills. This is so because liquid form is easier to take and ingest and liquid vitamins trace minerals are more effective than their solid forms. It is common man's experience that swallowing a few tablets is very uncomfortable. As in case of a solid form, the liquid forms need not be broken down into pieces by the digestive system and are readily absorbed inside.

Doctors say, when vitamins and trace minerals are taken in solid form, only 12 percent of the ingredients are assimilated into the body. This figure declines considering to 3 to 5 percent after the age of 35 to 40 years. In comparison, more than 90 percent of the ingredients are easily absorbed when taken in liquid form. This is the single most important reason why consumers have shifted their taste to liquid forms. To maintain body balance These sources of supplements are a must.

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