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Basics of Lawn care

For the great looking lawn, you would need to have to get some of the basics right. Once the fundamentals have been catered for, the rest could be assumed that the ultimate product will certainly be good. Yard maintenance is an American institution since times immemorial. The fulfilling feeling that one gathers while leaning and working on one's landscape is insurmountable. Working on the lawn gives that wonderful sense of satisfaction of a job well done. Lawn jobs self undertaken gives that overwhelming pleasure when the finished product stands out. In addition to all this, it is better to take care of one's own lawn rather than spending money on someone else who could do it for you.

Previous to doing anything, the primary thing to be done is to tidy up the lawn perimeter. For that splendid look of uniformity and robust appearance, you would have to level and clean your yard. Towards the removal of any bumps, the need would be to cut X shapes on the ground by using a spade. The sod or turf has to be removed and the soil should be extracted. For getting rid the little valleys, grass seed has to be added only after the removal of the topsoil. The even and level lawn would only be visible if all the bumps and small dips are eradicated. Finally, the mowing has to be done only after the cleaning the lawn. Dry leaves, debris and unwanted bushes also have to be removed prior clearing out the lawn.

For that healthy look, you would have to indulge in proper maintenance of the lawn. The grass should be regularly mowed. Although this depends upon the climatic conditions and the growth of the grass, neverless the grass would have to be mowed once every alternate week or once every week. The top layer of the grass is very much important towards the well being. Constant cutting would render the grass to be cut to skin which will give rise any potential grass related disease. Therefore, the gauge of the lawn mower should be adjusted in such a way that it does not cut to one third of the height of the grass.

Among the various implements which are available, Aerators are tools which have to be applied to the lawn every year or otherwise once every other year. These aerators are required if the soil under the grass is compact and they could also be rented. Compaction gives rise to problems like insufficiency grass root spreading and moisture penetration. It is a common problem if the lawn is a few years old, where the tension for soil to compact is high. Aerators eliminate the problem by two methods, one is by punching holes in the ground thereby preventing soil erosion also by allowing better water seepage. Second by plugging, where the clumps in the soil are removed. This facilitates breeding of earthworms which are useful for the lawn.

You would also need additional chemicals for the better growth of the lawn. Although fertilizers generally are not found to be essential and people too find it is possible to grow an attractive and healthy lawn without the use of any kind of fertilizer. Fertilizers ordinarily come in granular or liquid form. Fertilizers can be pretty harmful if too much is applied as this could lead to the death of the lawn. Excess application could also potentially harm the environment. They could be used on the lawn either with the help of a watering can or a hose end sprayer. Mechanical and hand spreaders could be use to distribute the granule type fertilizers as these belong to the dry type. In case of application by hand a lot of water would have to be used. They generally have a time period of eight to twelve weeks.

Attention has to be paid between the times the lawn has been fertilized to the time it is for use. In case of the law being used by children, it is better to let the lawn absorb the fertilizers and then head for playing in the lush green of the lawn. Predominantly avid landscapers vouch that there does not exist any need for fertilizing a lawn.

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