VAPE.LIQUID How to Make Liquid Glitters at Home

There are many choices when it comes to nail colors today. If you go to any department store or into a drugstore, you will find a wide array of choices from the acrylic nail polish rack. There are stained colors and vibrant shades but one of the most popular choices today is glitter nail polish. Glitter nail polish calls people attention and beckons them to take a look at your stylish nails. Glitter nail polish is a bit more expensive than those without glitter. You can make your own glitter nail polish at home and save a few extra bucks.

Prepare all the things you are going to need. You will need 1/4 teaspoon of glycerin, water, a clean bottle and a package of fine-grade filter. Glycerin can be purchased from any pharmacy or beauty store.

What you need to do is to mix 1/4 teaspoon of glycerin and a drop of water in a plastic bowl or a small container. Stir the mixture until both ingredients have been mixed thoroughly. Mix in the glitter and make sure to stir as you mix. How much glitter to put in your mixture is your decision. Just remember that the more glitter you add to the mixture, the thicker the liquid will be. You can use different colors of glitter or just a single color. Continue to stir until everything is well-blended.

Put the mixture in a clean bottle or storage container. If you are going to be using it at a later time, you need to put a lid on the container. Make sure to shake the container before opening it. Shaking the bottle will make sure that all the ingredients get mixed well. When you store the liquid polish, you will see that the glitters will settle at the bottom of the container.

If you follow the instructions carefully, you will end up with liquid nail polish which looks just as good as the ones displayed on the polish rack of your favorite beauty store.

Source by Isobel Gibbons

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