VAPE.LIQUID Hidden Calories Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Have you reached a point in your weight loss efforts where you can not seem to make any more progress?

No matter how hard you try you just can not seem to get the fat off your body.

Does it seem like you are working out hard doing lots of sessions at the gym, or aerobics classes, and you have your eating under control but you still can not seem to lose the weight?

If this is you then you may be sabotaging your weight loss success by consuming hidden calories. It is a lot easier to consume excess calories than you think and it may be the reason why you are not achieveing ​​the weight loss success you desire regardless of how good you think your diet is.

You see … many people are sabotaging their weight loss efforts because they are drinking huge amounts without even realizing it.

Remember that the overriding law of weight loss is you need to maintain a calorie deficit over a sustained period of time.

In other words … you need to use more than you consume if you are going to lose weight. If your calories used is equal to your calories consumed then your weight will stay about the same.

Many people working at losing weight will get their diet under control, and get themselves into a regular exercise routine yet they still fail in their attempts to sculpt the lean sexy body they desire.

It is the hidden calories that they are consuming through what they drink that is sabotaging their success.

Consider this …

If you create a deficit of say 500 calories per day based on what you eat and what your body burns through its metabolic requirements and exercise then you can reasonably expect to lose 1 pound of body fat per week. (500 calories deficit x 7 days = 3,500 calorie deficit or 1 pound of fat)

If you then consume two glasses of wine each night then you wipe out the calorie deficit you have worked so hard to create.

An average glass of wine can contain up to 240 calories. So just two glasses of wine a night can wipe out your calorie deficit.

Beer is another good example. Just two or three beers a night will also quickly wipe out any calorie deficit you might have created resulting in zero weight loss.

Another example of hidden calories in what we drink is fruit juice. While in theory it sounds like a healthy thing to do, drinking fruit juice can add lots of calories to your total calorie count.

The problem with these hidden calories in what we drink is that we rarely count them. Most of the time calories drunk are not included when we calculate our total calories.

So if you are struggling to get the weight off even though you are doing everything right with your eating and exercise then you may be sabotaging yourself with the hidden calories in what you drink.

The best approach is this …

Do not drink any calories!

Only drink water and green tea during the week. Allow one occasion per week where you will have one or two drinks. For the rest of the week cut back on the calories you drink.

Source by Rod S Moore

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