VAPE.LIQUID Acer Liquid S100 Android

The Acer Liquid has some of the most exciting specifications including the Android operating system. The phone has a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen, with a crystal clear 800 x 480 resolution. Once you turn the phone off you'll understand right away why they call it the Liquid. The display is very impressive with a sharp, bright resolution.

The size is comparable with that of the iPhone, and it weighs about as much too. The handset case is made of plastic so it does not give you the same look as other phones like the Teflon-coated HTC Hero. Some of the buttons are awkwardly positioned. For example, the camera button is on the back and the power button, which is used frequently, is not in the most natural position either. The 5-megapixel camera does not have a flash and the internal memory has only 256MB of available storage.

Since the Acer Liquid has the Android operating system, it comes with the benefits of Google incorporation. You can sign into Google; then your calendars, email, and contacts will all come alive in your phone. It also comes with Google Maps. The Acer Liquid applications make it a delight to make use of. But when it comes to social networking the Acer Liquid is somewhat lacking compared to other phones.

And for those who are used to the anticipative typing feature, this phone lacks it, which can make texting or posting on social networks annoying. The great news is that you get a browser that is comparatively speedy and shows internet site pages really well, but the browser does not have multi-touch zooming.

As a phone, the caller voices can be heard clear and there is little worry about phone clarity on both ends of a call. But, there is a hard ridge that goes across your ear and on long conversations may be kind of uncomfortable. Overall the Acer Liquid is a fascinating addition to the Android collection. The screen is a good size, the resolution sharp, and it is responsive.

Source by Adi Kasim

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