VAPE.INSTAGRAM How To Make Money Online As An Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is an online mega company that sells books, CDs, DVDs, electronic goods, toys and games. It is a $5 billion dollar a year business, used by millions of people in the world and captures 5% of the world’s internet sales!

However, what many individuals do not recognize is that you could utilize Amazon to market products and make an excellent part-time income.

You would have exposure to the countless visitors that turn to Amazon’s products. They charge a small fee for every publication you market, with no listing costs.

Pre-owned products are very easy to grab from Yard Sales, Liquidators, and Wholesales and turn around and sell them on Amazon.

To start, go to Amazon and sign up as a new seller. Click the “Your Account” in the toolbar, where you’ll be taken to the sign up screen. Enter your e-mail address to open your account.

Next you will need to enter your mailing address, your payment details and a few more demographics. Amazon will pay you by direct deposit to the bank account you list on your application. To complete the application Amazon will confirm your contact number. This is where Amazon will call you and ask you to key in the 4 number confirmation code.

Once you start making a lot of sales on Amazon, you can upgrade your sellers account which will add tons of more tools to make sales and reduce the amount Amazon charges you per sale for a monthly charge.

As an Amazon seller, there’s no person to person or telephone call with your buyers. You could work on your spare time that fits your schedule. You do not require a website, which is useful for brand-new sellers.

You could promote your products to millions of Amazon customers worldwide without investing a dime in marketing!

A strategy that I want to leave with you before ending this post is to make sure you visit Amazon every day and click on deals for the day. Here you will find a bunch of high quality products being discounted up to 90% from retail. If you find a product at a good price then purchase as many as you possibly can and turn around the following day and list them from your sellers account and reap the profits.

Another method to make money using Amazon is through their Amazon Associate program. Once you are signed up, you will be given an associate ID which will track all the sales from customers that went to Amazon via your link.

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