How to Make a Website

It has been a pretty long time since I can remember the 1st day I decided to make my very first web page or website. Now, more than ever, learning to get a digital presence and learning basic web designing could not be any more prevalent.

Just like learning Spanish or English, you really need to learn at least basic HTML (Hypertext Mark up Language).

To get competitive in the work force or even getting your business online it takes basic knowledge or HTML. Even if you are going to hire someone to do your designing for you, knowing HTML can help you tell the designer what all you would like to seen and talk to him in his language. I started out in the early 90's trying to write HTML, the best way I use to learn would be from WYSIWYG or (What You See Is What You Get) software.

Most of the WYSIWYG software you can use to design web site or pages lets you type and insert pictures like you were typing a email. What you don't see going on in the background is the software is writing and formatting all that you are typing into HTML code. I used to type and hit enter maybe insert a picture or two and then look at the code at the same time.

This would help after while learn the code for inserting pictures or making a link or picture "click-able" or making it a Hyper link.

Some check points you need to know when you are starting your 1st site:

  • Write down all the pages you want to display and their descriptive title name. EXAMPLE: Car Service, About
  • Then writing some descriptive articles about each topic either on paper or in the web design software.
  • Name each site with the description in mind and place a.html or.htm has the file name. EXAMPLE: carservice.html or Aboutcarservice.htm
  • Draw a diagram of how you want to link them together.
  • Then use the web design software to link them together. Make sure you have a menu on the left and that you use a home option which brings you back to the index.html.
  • Always, you main page should be called index.html, just like a book it tells the viewer what all is on the site.
  • Good tip would be use the main index.html as a template and just keep renaming the file once you fill in content from the other sites in the center, So all you have to do is change the content then rename it as EXAMPLE: carservices. html by just using File save as feature that mostly all software has as a part of functions to save web page files.

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