How to Apply Fragrance

Even the most expensive perfume is not formulated to last all day. Perfume may last up to five hours, while cologne lasts only one to two hours, so any form of fragrance requires refreshing for a day-long effect. Since fragrance increases, a quick dab behind the ears is not enough to get the most mileage from your perfume or cologne.

Perfume should be applied, preferably with an atomizer, at all the body's pulse points, where the body's heat will help to release the fragrance-behind the ears, inside the wrists and elbows, at the difficulties, the base of the throat, the bosom , behind the knees, and inside the ankles.

Eau de parfum and toilet water may be sprayed lightly on the entire body, from the feet up, before dressing to create an aura of fragrance around the body. Then apply it to the body's pulse points, or use perfume of the same scent. If you're worried that you may be overdosing it, use the rule of thumb that your separation should extend more than an arm's length from the body. Eau de parfum and toilet water can also be sprayed on clean hair, but no fragrance should be applied to clothes, since the fibers can change the smell of the fragrance and the fragrance product may stain the clothing.

Cologne, as typically the lightest form of fragrance, may be applied like eau de parfum and toilet water and may also be used as an after-bath refresher, as a rubdown for sore muscles or aching feet, or to keep your hands cool and dry (an astringent effect of the high alcohol content).

Colognes and toilet water can be kept in the refrigerator for a cool pick-me-up, but extreme temperatures and dampness can change the delicate balance of perfume. However you choose to apply the various types of fragrance, do not hoard them for the Christmas party or your fiftieth wedding anniversary. Once opened, fragrance products deteriorate with time and exposure to heat, air and sunlight.

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