Christmas Gifts – How to Pick the Perfect Holiday Present

With so many people on your Christmas gift-buying list this year, it may be difficult to find the perfect present for everyone. After all, who really knows what your children's bus driver, schoolteacher and Scout leaders really want, not to mention your mother-in-law, preteen and spouse! When you're stumped for a gift giving idea consider these tips:

Think About Their Personality:

Just because you think a gift is silly, the person does not mean you're giving it to will. If they love quirky items, feel free to go a little crazy when choosing their gift. Consider your recipient's style, personality, and hobbies when shopping. But also consider their space. After all, if Grandma already has 5,000 trinket boxes displayed in her overcrowded condo, she may not appreciate anything. But, if she's always talks about the lovely quilts she saw a local shop, by all means buy her one!

Do not Consider What It Costs:

Many people make the mistake of thinking a more expensive gift will be appreciated more. Sure, diamond earrings may be beautiful or something your mother would never buy for herself, but if she never wears them they were really worth the price? Choose gifts that will be used and appreciated. A great book costing $ 10 may be worth a lot more in the long run than those earrings.

Shop Early – And Often:

People who wait until Dec. 24th for the best deals are often disappointed by the selection. Do not relegate your shopping to just November and December. When you see something that reminds you of someone special and that you know they'll love it – buy it – even if it is the Fourth of July! Finding the perfect gift is not always easy, so when you stumble across it, pick it up and stash it in a closet until the holidays roll around.

Make Something Special:

Let's face it; we love all of those quirky (and even ugly) things our kids make for us. Why? Because they took the time, the effort and the thought to make something just for you! It is not its beauty or its usefulness that makes it special – it's the love behind it. Everyone wants to be made to feel like they are worth that little extra. If you're good at making things, by all means do it. Does your child's teacher love your homemade bread or cookies? Bake her some! Does your mother-in-law rave about your scrapbooks? Whip her one up. Do not worry if your homemade gifts are not perfect or expensive. They do not need to be!

Perform a Service:

Short on cash this year? No worry. There are a lot of things you can do for the people in your life that will be more appreciated than any store-bought gift. When I was a new mother, one of the best new baby gifts I received was a visit from a friend one morning that simply picked up the baby and told me to go take a bubble bath. I had not even had a shower in three days, so the thought of luxurating in a steam bath of lavender was too much to resist. Think about simple services you can provide: babysitting, yard work, housecleaning, snow shoveling, to help ease the burden of those you wish to share the holidays. You may be surprised at how much it really is appreciated.

Gift giving can often become a stressful and expensive endeavor. Strive to put love and thought back into your gift giving this year by taking the time to think about what your loved ones want, need and will appreciate the most.

Source by Matt Hick

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